OSA Virtual Convention 2020

After numerous brainstorming sessions about logistics of using digital platform and time constraints for the virtual convention, the committee came up with the following programs to be conducted using YouTube Premier and  Zoom video conference. Once again, because of the logistics of the virtual interface, some of the programs will be conducted live and some recorded, as marked in the following. Your active participation is solicited in a number of these programs. For questions regarding participation please reach out to Event Coordinators or your chapter presidents. For any feedback please reach out to OSAEC@odishasociety.org .



Urmi 2020 (Souvenir)

Please follow the following posting to send your articles to our annual souvenir – Urmi.
Invitation for Articles for Urmi 2020


Cultural Programs Participation Details


Inaugural Song (Recorded)

One participant from each chapter to be nominated by the chapter presidents to take part in the inaugural song.

Event Coordinator: Dr. Anil Patnaik (vicepresident@odishasociety.org)


Inaugural Chapter Cultural (Recorded)

This will be digital version of typical theme-based chapter presentation of enacting on a theme-based music! This convention’s theme is “Stay United, Stand Strong.” The program coordinator will work with chapter presidents for the inaugural chapter cultural. Each chapter will get 5 mins for this theme-based presentation. Please contact your Chapter President if you wish to participate in this segment.

Chapter Presidents, please use the following form to submit your Chapter Video (One video per chapter) – https://forms.gle/oKXhQ7naCLhkCzX29

Event Coordinator:  Satya Nanda (satyaprakash.nanda@gmail.com)


Youth Cultural Event (Recorded)

Participation Form: https://forms.gle/aaRCVr6CoYiefwzY9 

Please send an email to osa-youth-info@odishasociety.org for any information.



OSA Got Talent (Recorded)

Following the same guideline as in regular conventions, there will be three parts in this segment – Tiny Tots(4-7), Junior(8-13), Senior(14+). Group performances will be given preference. Recorded videos of your performances — with limit of 3.5 mins for solo, 4 min for duets (or 2 participants), and 5 mins for group — is solicited. Please start working on your performances. Please look out for program details from the the coordinator.

Participation Form: https://forms.gle/iykwPFxsAh3yDbSC6

Event Coordinator:  Debadutta Behera (DSBEHERA@hotmail.com)


Lata Mishra Champu-Chhanda-Odissi (Recorded)

Once again following same guideline as in regular conventions, there will be two parts of this segment – Junior, Senior. Please start working on your performances. Please look out for program details from the the coordinator.

Participation Form: https://forms.gle/cXTYBG8rGt2RGB8XA



Odia Speech (Prelim: Recorded/ Final: Live)

Submit by June 28
Presentation time – 3 minutes max

Age group : 10 – 15 years

Preliminary Round – Submit Video Recording of the speech via this form. (Please shoot the video in landscape mode)

Final Round – Top 15 will be selected to present live via zoom during convention

Participation Form: https://forms.gle/iTsvcfaZ6sxMrsyN7 

Event Coordinator:  Suvasri Das


Chapter Drama (Recorded)

We understand drama is difficult to pull up during this social distancing period. However, inspired by the enthusiasm shown and many innovative videos shared by our members, we solicit recoded drama from each chapter with a time limit of 15 min. Chapter Presidents to reach out to event coordinator for questions. Please submit your chapter videos using the following link.

Chapter Video Submission Link: https://forms.gle/KPZ27A4PQiFMfm69A

Event Coordinator:  Sarita Patnaik


Mehfil – July 3 (Recorded)

The coordinator will reach out to chapter presidents to get one participant from each chapter. Please connect with your chapter president for participation.

Participation Form: https://forms.gle/Z5a5fFKk1qeSVdj9A

Event Coordinator:  Debadutta Behera (DSBEHERA@hotmail.com)



Mehfil & Gupsup (Live) – July 4

This will be open format Mehfil for everyone to participate. This would be broadcasted live on Zoom Video Conference.

Event Coordinator:  Debadutta Behera (DSBEHERA@hotmail.com)


Antakshari (Live)

Live on July 3, via Zoom Video Conference. For participation please send your names to event coordinators.
Event Coordinators: Dr. Anil Patnaik (vicepresident@odishasociety.org), Prasanta Kumar Bhunya (prasantabhunya@gmail.com)


Bhajan (Recorded)

Please send your nominations to participate in the Bhajan Event. You are required to send video recordings of your Bhajan using the following form.

Participation Form: https://forms.gle/qo3zDyqLotG6kw5T8

Event Coordinators: Anjana Chowdhury, Mousumi Patnaik


Seminars (Live)

The following seminars are going to be presented live via Zoom Video Conference. The coordinator(s) for each seminar will communicate on details of the seminars. Please send an email to OSAEC@odishasociety.org if you wish to participate or if you have questions regarding Seminars. 

SeminarPoint of Contact
YouthDeepak Sahoo
Women’s ForumDr. Annapoorna Pandey
Kabita PathaDr. Sunanda Panda
Health & WellnessDr. Devashish Ray
LibraryNishikanta Sahoo, Nalini Patnaik, Ajay Mohanty
Higher EducationDr. Durga Mishra
Odisha DevelopmentDr. Chitta Baral
Pioneers ForumSarita Jagatjita, Bijaya Mohanty, Sarita Patnaik
Spiritual ForumManoj Panda



A few important Notes 

  • Since the digital platform would not do justice in judging the talents of the participants, it has been decided that all of the cultural participations will be non-competitive.
  • However, a separate announcement will be sent out soon for OSA mandated awards. Very competent dedicated volunteers have stepped up as award committee and diligently putting up a process to expeditiously search the deserving candidates. Note that the process of soliciting award nominations and judging process will continue through the month of August.
  • Also, the yearly souvenir Urmi publication process will continue through August. You must have already received from the Souvenir Committee — please don’t forget to send your articles to Urmi.
  • Please note that though the virtual convention is open for everyone to enjoy as audience, ONLY the members can participate in the performances. If you wish to become a member, please visit the following site: http://www.odishasociety.org/membership/
  • Due to Logistical Constraints following regular events of the convention would not be included during the Virtual Convention on July 3-5, 2020 – Samik Singh Youth Entrepreneurship, Sabrina Biswal Performing Arts

If you have any other questions, please directly reach out to your Chapter Presidents or to the ECs at OSAEC@odishasociety.org .