About Us


The Odisha Society of the Americas (OSA) is a non-political, non-profit, and voluntary association recognized as a 501(c)(3) public non-profit in the United States. OSA was established in 1969 by a few visionary Oriyas who thought of establishing Oriya identity in the adopted land. The society was incorporated in 1981 in Tennessee as a non-profit corporation for promoting activities for a better understanding of Oriya culture and exchange of information between Orissa, United States and Canada. It held an annual get-together called convention, where people of Oriya origin from different parts of USA and Canada mingled and shared experiences of ethnic living.

OSA is the oldest organization of Odias in North America.

Past history of OSA is captured in OSA history page.

Current Status

Today OSA is a strong organization with more than 1000 member families and close to 2000 members. This is due to individuals stepping forward to support different activities of OSA with innovative ideas which, when implemented, benefit us all. The organization has now spread into many regional chapters, which operate as a social umbrella for different regions in the US and Canada. The chapters arrange various activities such as Odia festivals, social get together, cultural events and participate in the cultural life of the local community as representatives of Odia culture. Besides these the annual convention is known as the centerpiece of the OSA’s activities.

In the constitution, the objectives are mentioned as:

  1. To form a non-political and non-profit organization of all persons interested in Orissa.
  2. To promote interest and activities in the understanding of the Oriya culture.
  3. To facilitate the exchange of information between Orissa and the United States/Canada.

OSA Logo

The logo is an identifying symbol used to advertise and promote an organization. OSA logo has the following design.

The theme – The Orissa Society of the Americas.

O – Graphically presented as an eye of Lord Jagannath, which represents Orissa.

S – Graphically presented as Canadian flag, which represents societies in Canada.

A – Graphically presented as American flag, which represents societies in the USA.

OSA Fiscal Year:

Fiscal year of OSA is from July 1st to June 30th.

Incorporation and Constitution

The Official Constitution and Bylaws are available from the corresponding document on constitution.

From inception until August 1981− Orissa Society of Americas. From August 1981 − The Orissa Society of the Americas


OSA conducts its business through OSA Board of Governors (BOG) that consists of OSA National executives and the Chapter representatives. OSA BOG acts as the centralization point of information and decision-making.

The details of chapters are here.

The OSA Board of Governors (BOG)

OSA BOG consists of the following officers:

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Past President
  • Presidents of the chapters

The executive council

The executive council consists of the President (Chairperson of the committee), Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Editor-in-Chief (non-voting).

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council (AC) gives advice on administrative matters that come before the organization. The Advisory Council is not required by by-laws. However, the President may form an advisory council by appointing members that include past presidents, vice-presidents, secretary, treasurer, and editors to assist and advice in critical matters of the society.OSA: The Orissa Society of the Americas.


Activities of the organization include Annual Convention, cultural promotion through festivals and events through local chapters, oriya language propagation and motherland development.


The membership is open to individuals and families interested in Orissa, the eastern coastal state of India, to promote activities for a better understanding of Oriya culture and exchange of information between Orissa and the United States and Canada.