OSA & Odisha

Introduction and Backgrounder Information:

Odisha Development by OSA is an integral constituent of the OSA New Constitution’s Preamble, Vision and Mission.

OSA-Odisha Development (O-OD) is an OSA Organization-driven Odisha Development initiative with development missions to exchange new development ideas, information, knowledge and to catalyze and facilitate various development sectors in Odisha State such as: virtual development, education, social entrepreneurship, technology and other developmental sectors between North America (USA/Canada) and Odisha (India).

The OSA being a non-profit organization and public benefit corporation (USA) is creating an O-OD social business model to further develop an innovative PGPP framework through public-government-private-partnerships in support of Odisha Development through OSA organizational voluntary systems.

OSA-Odisha Development programs will leverage the Development Focus Groups (DFGs), OSA Annual Convention’s Socio-Economic Development seminars/symposia and Invest (for Development in) Odisha (OSA Business Symposium) themes to synergize the Odisha oriented development projects through OSA name, banner, organization and platforms to create new type of developmental values for Odisha State.

Top-10 Development Sectors for O-OD have been identified. Initially, during the next two-years, top 2-3 areas will be initiated and pursued, such as: Virtual Development (Internet/Web/Email/Open Source, Conferences/Symposis/Seminars, Development Information Exchange Networks, In-Direct Development); Education/Higher Education; and Social Entrepreneurship.

As a part of the O-OD Higher Education DFG, OSA-Utkal University Workshop on Higher Education and Research Opportunities in North American Universities was organized at Vani Vihar (Bhubaneswar, Odisha) during December 2011 with a focus on Admission, Research, Training, Information Exchanges and Collaborations. Youtube Videos of OSA-UU Workshop and related e-information are planned to be distributed within Odisha-based universities/institutions and North American-based chapters of OSA.An e-brochure (higher education), edu portal and digital pages (OSA website) are planned to be created, published and circulated among Odisha-based universities and educational centers. O-OD HE DFG plans to organize workshops (virtual/physical) in other regions within Odisha State.

O-OD Functional Initiatives:

O-OD Committee, Team and related OSA voluntary service systems (to rotate every 2 years in sync with the EC cycle).

Development Focus Groups (DFGs) : Higher Education, Others in discussions (to rotate every 2 years in sync with the EC cycle).

eGroup (Google):(osa-odisha-development@googlegroups.com).

Odisha Development Fund (ODF) – Approved by OSA EC/BOG.

Policy, Guidelines, Protocol, Evaluation and Documented System – in preparation.

OSA EC (2011-2013) has planned to discuss the O-OD initiatives and operations during the July 2012 GBM agenda item for a functional resolution

and organizational continuity.

OSA-GoO Master-Memorandum of Understanding (M-MOU):

OSA is proposing a M-MOU with the Government of Odisha. The M-MOU Draft has been prepared by the O-OD Committee.

Time Frame: 10 years (Dec 2011- Dec 2021 or July 2012-July 2022), and then renewable, perpetual and open-ended.

Model: PGPP between OSA and GoO/Team Odisha.

Proposed Items: Odisha Development Center-vODC/pODC, Think Tank, OSA University (mini/virtual), and Invest Odisha.

The goal of the proposed M-MOU is to create a structural framework for cooperation and coordination between OSA and GoO in achievement of their mutually beneficial goals – Odisha Development.


Closing Thoughts:

The OSA highly appreciates the voluntary services and contributions of its members for their help in OSA-Odisha Development.