Health & Wellness Group


We the Alumni of Odisha Medical/ Dental Schools collectivley from throughout Odisha are hereby united to form this group to be known as OSA-HW group dedicated to improving the quality of Healthcare in Odisha and North America.



To Promote and advance Health and Wellness of the Odia Community in Odisha and North America, through sharing of knowledge/ expertise which inspires the best possible healthcare and individual wellbeing.

Further aims to offer professional development and create meaningful opportunity for the medical/ dental professionals in Odisha and those in-coming to North America.


Working Committee

Dr. Devashish Ray, Chairman

Dr. Pramod K. Mohanty

Dr. Ramprasad Patnaik

Dr. Nitin Doshi

Dr. Rajashree Mohanty

Dr. Basanta Mohapatra

Dr. Nibedita Mohanty

Dr. Sunita Kanumury

Dr. Sangita Pradhan

Dr. Durga Mishra

Dr. Amit Chakrabarty

Dr. Nihar Jena



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